5 fun facts about women in agriculture to celebrate International Women's Day

Tomorrow (Saturday, March 8th) is International Women’s Day and in celebration we wanted to share some fun facts about women in agriculture. You may be surprised at the growing role women are playing in agriculture – sometimes as farm moms and sometimes as the principle operator.

At Monsanto, we’re working to support women in agriculture through our partnerships with farmers, researchers, nonprofits and many others. Learn more about how we are working together to help nourish our growing world.

1. There are a lot of female farm operators these days


2. Women are great at raising livestock


3.  Western and Northeastern states have the highest percentage of women operators.


4. Women operators, on average, tend to have a high level of education.


5. Compared with other male dominated professions, farming has been quick to welcome women as leaders.


You can celebrate International Women’s Day by sharing these fun facts with your friends and family OR, if you know a phenomenal mom in agriculture, you can nominate her to be the 2014 Farm Mom of the Year (and a chance to win $10,000)


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