On the Farm Plot Updates: Nitrogen, Growth Stages, CRW Dig

By Troy

Fantasy Farming Challenge 2016 – June Update from Monsanto STEM Education Outreach on Vimeo.

During this update, we have a couple of great opportunities to talk about stuff we’ve covered in the past.

At the time of shooting, the early plots were at about the V6 growth stage and had just received their side-dress nitrogen application with a dry fertilizer. I also take you through a root dig on a separate plot so you can see what the root systems look like on the corn plants. Doing a root dig will also help us to assess corn rootworm pressure or damage sustained by corn rootworms. At this point in the season, it’s important to monitor those critters because the larvae have already begun to hatch and feed.

We have a full agenda of stuff to talk about next month, especially because the corn plants are in a state of rapid growth from V6-VT. I’m hoping the storm that hit us a few weeks ago (you can see photos on our Facebook page) won’t affect the plots too much, so stay tuned!


Troy is formerly a high school Agriculture teacher and FFA advisor who is passionate about teaching Agronomics, Ag Science, and Plant Biology. Now the manager of the Monmouth Learning Center, Troy has led the Fantasy Farming Challenge for the past three years, helping hundreds of high school students to understand the choices farmers make against the challenges of weather, disease, weed management, and insect pressure.

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