Time-Lapse of June 22-July 22

By Troy

Back in June, the Monmouth area (and a good part of west central Illinois) experienced some pretty nasty storms. If you saw the photos on our Facebook page, you might have thought the worst about the Fantasy Farming Challenge plots. However, one amazing thing about agriculture is that plants tend to be very resilient – let me show you what I mean.

We set up a camera in a spot that captured the outskirts of a soybean plot and two corn fields (one is in the distance) and collected images just about every day between June 22 and July 22. As you may remember from our last update, the corn was getting ready to go through a big growth spurt (from V6-VT).

At the time when the storm hit, the corn plants already had their work cut out for them to gain height and prepare for pollination. Everything on the farm sustained high winds and hail damage, but as you can see, the corn plants managed to pick themselves back up. It’s pretty cool to see.

Here is a time-lapse video showing some corn in the right foreground and soy on the left.

I’ll be providing a more in-depth update from the farm soon. Stay cool in this heat!


Troy is formerly a high school Agriculture teacher and FFA advisor who is passionate about teaching Agronomics, Ag Science, and Plant Biology. Now the manager of the Monmouth Learning Center, Troy has led the Fantasy Farming Challenge for the past three years, helping hundreds of high school students to understand the choices farmers make against the challenges of weather, disease, weed management, and insect pressure.

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