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Every year, agriculture serves up around 54,000 new jobs. And every year, almost half of them go unfilled. Now, farmers can help remind students that the ag industry provides a plethora of opportunities.


Grow Ag Leaders gives farmers the chance to endorse high school seniors or college students for a chance to win a $1,500 scholarship to support their higher education studies in ag-related fields.

Farmers, parents and teachers who know bright students can remind them that modern agriculture opens many professional doors. Agriculture career paths include: IT, IS, software development, procurement, finance, education, sales, food science, food processing, biology, research and ag economics. Agriculture needs a new crop of leaders. And with Grow Ag Leaders scholarships, they’re just a degree away.

With the help of farmers, each year more than $528,000 in Grow Ag Leaders scholarships are awarded to students in rural America. 

Here's what students are saying about the program.

When someone needs help, farmers answer the call. Every year, we endeavor to make it simple for farmers to lift up their communities through the America’s Farmers programs. 

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