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spark a passion in stem one student at a time

Igniting student interested in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) can help prepare students for future success in rewarding careers.

Helping school districts enhance curriculum in these areas is easy when you spread the word: Grow Rural Education sponsored by the Monsanto Fund awards schools approximately $2.3 million annually.



Follow these steps to apply for a grant to enhance math and/or science education!


A farmer in your area nominates your school district, or you can ask farmers you know to nominate your district. One nomination is all you need to receive your invitation to apply, but more shows community support for your school district.


Your school receives an application invitation code via postcard. You may then choose to apply for a grant of either $10,000 or $25,000. School districts that apply for a $10,000 grant will compete only with eligible school districts in your Crop Reporting District (which includes neighboring counties). School districts that apply for a $25,000 grant will compete with eligible school districts from the entire state or region. Chances are strong that you will be competing with fewer schools for the $10,000 grant. Last year, we awarded approximately 138 $10,000 grants and 37 $25,000 grants, so please consider if your math and/or science departments would be able to put a $10,000 grant to good use.


Complete and submit your application using the CyberGrants website.


Applications will be evaluated based on the merit of the application, need and community support by a panel of teachers and the America’s Farmers Grow Rural Education Farmer Advisory Council. Winners will be announced in early August every year.


For tips and tricks to writing a Grow Rural Education grant application, please see the resources below:

When someone needs help, farmers answer the call. Every year, we endeavor to make it simple for farmers to lift up their communities through the America’s Farmers programs. 

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