“Farm moms and city moms all have the same concerns. We are the same. We’re both concerned about feeding our kids. We’re both concerned about making sure our kids do well in school. We’re both concerned about taking care of the environment.”

– Debbie Lyons-Blythe


Debbie Lyons-Blythe has always been an advocate for agriculture, ensuring consumers know and can feel confident about where their food comes from. When she was named the America’s Farmers Mom of the Year in 2012, she took advantage of the opportunity by expanding her blog’s reach, connecting with urban moms across the nation to address their questions and concerns.

 The Blythe family loves life on the farm; it allows them to work side by side every day. Debbie and her husband Duane are keenly aware that everything they’re building is for the future – their five children and the generations to come. Cattle ranchers are the original environmentalists, she notes, and if they don’t care for the land now, they won’t be able to pass on the Blythe legacy.