3 Programs to Support, Serve & Celebrate Rural Communities

  • 8,000 orgs impacted since 2010 Right Arrow
    1,300+ counties x $2,500 More than $3.3 million annual giving

    Every August, eligible farmers can apply for the chance to win a $2,500 grant to pass on to the local non-profit organization of their choosing.

  • 768 school grants since 2011 Right Arrow
    175 school grants x $10,000 & $25,000 Expected $2.3 million annual giving

    Following a local farmer’s nomination, we challenge schools to design projects aimed at enhancing STEM curriculum in their districts. Upon review, the winning school districts are awarded either $10,000 or $25,000 grants.

  • 1,124 scholarship recipients since 2011 Right Arrow
    352 scholarships x $1,500 $528K annual giving

    Each year we ask farmers to endorse high school seniors or college students in their communities for a chance to win a $1,500 scholarship to support their higher education studies in ag-related fields.

America’s Farmers is a movement dedicated to helping farmers take care of each other.

To date, over $53 million has been contributed by Bayer Fund, through the America’s Farmers programs.

Through our family of programs, we empower farmers to nurture change: from the local organizations that fuel success to the young people who carry the torch.

The programs span a calendar year, and farmers may participate in as many as they wish. Our end goal is contagious community engagement.

All farmers are welcome to participate, regardless of the products they buy or the crops they grow. America’s Farmers enriches the places where farmers live and work; starting a cycle of caring for agriculture—not as a single person or company, but together.

This nationwide effort is made possible by Bayer Fund dedicated to strengthening the farm communities where farmers and Bayer employees live and work. You can visit Bayer Fund, formerly the Monsanto Fund, at www.monsantofund.org.