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What makes a farm community?

It’s a million tiny memories and bits of inherited knowledge, created and passed down for generations. It’s the watchful eye of volunteer firefighters, and the sense of family that comes from knowing your neighbors for a lifetime. Grow Communities is endowed to help keep farmer’s communities thriving.

Farmers know best where a contribution will make the biggest impact in their communities. That’s why we’ve made the Grow Communities enrollment process simple and as easy as possible. Every August, Grow Communities sponsored by the Monsanto Fund, offers eligible farmers the opportunity to enroll for a chance to win a $2,500 donation to direct toward their favorite eligible nonprofit organization.

In the past, farmers have directed the funds to supporting ag youth organizations, purchasing classroom supplies, supplying food and essentials for the needy and acquiring lifesaving emergency response equipment to make farm life that much safer.

Grow Communities


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Each year the program awards more than $3 million to nonprofits in rural America. since 2010, the program has fiven more than $26 million to over 8,000 nonprofits.

If there's one thing we know about a community where farmers live - everyone loves a good story.