my town spotlight: Effingham, Illinois

  • Effingham, Illinois – Home is Where the Heartland Is

    Where can you find American innovation and true entrepreneurship? It’s right in your backyard. Meet the amazing folks of Effingham, Illinois, and see how they’re helping put rural communities on the map in our latest My Town showcase.

  • Why Farming and Friendship Makes Effingham, Illinois Unique

    “Everybody knows everybody, and everybody cares.” Today we visit beautiful Effingham, Illinois in our My Town series, located at the intersection of small community and big innovation.

  • Farming is Larger than Life in Rural Illinois

    “You’re a part of something that is really larger than you are.” See why small town farming innovation is alive and well in Effingham, Illinois — one of the many small towns featured in our My Town series.


Whether it’s agriculture or amplifiers, Effingham, Illinois serves as a crossroads, a junction, and a thriving hub to industry and innovation.

Necessity is truly the mother of invention, if you ask Jordan Chestnut. A guitar and amplifier enthusiast, Jordan saw a need in his small town for a quality music business and made it happen. It’s that drive, entrepreneurship and innovation that defines Effingham: A small community with a deep history of farming, innovation and passion cranked up to 11. The community carries on its legacy as “a hub city” by offering both unique industry and leadership in everything from modern agriculture to handcrafted wooden butcher blocks – just like those made by Boos Blocks inside the city. But to get the pulse of the community, you need only visit a local barbershop and ask how things are going. Or, as one local barber says, “Everybody knows everybody and everybody cares. That’s small town America, right there.”