Agriculture Teachers In Demand

Kendra Flood, a soon-to-be college graduate, is answering her calling: teaching the next generation of Ag leaders


Each year, there are nearly 60,000 annual job openings in the agriculture industry and not enough qualified college graduates to fill them. Kendra dreams of changing that. After she graduates from college in 2020, Kendra plans to dedicate her career to fostering the next generation of ag. As an FFA leader, she has a passion for helping students understand the important role agriculture plays in our world, as well as endless career opportunities. Just this year, America’s Farmers Grow Ag Leaders named Kendra a scholarship recipient as a way to encourage her to follow her dream.

The America’s Farmers program has been very beneficial in my life. I heard about it through the national FFA scholarship, and so I applied through that… The ag industry is so huge. There are so many different opportunities.

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