How a local food bank educates and nurtures its community

The Grayson County Alliance in Kentucky shares not only food with local families — it also shares lessons that last a lifetime.

And thanks to a gift of $2,500 from America’s Farmers Grow Communities initiative, the Grayson County Alliance is able to reach even more people in need.

A Holistic Approach to Poverty

Food donations help 685 families in Grayson County get back on their feet, but Debbie Childress, executive director of the Grayson County Alliance, and her team of more than 400 volunteers know that this hard work is still not enough.

In Grayson County, 22 percent of residents fall below the poverty line. In addition to access to a food bank, families require long-term education to stomp out hunger. Employees and volunteers at the Grayson County Alliance educate area families with lessons that last a lifetime. This information comes in the form of nutrition education, family budgeting courses, income tax preparation and job search skills.

Well-Deserved Recognition

Local farmer Jimmy Sipes saw the impact of Grayson County Alliance on those in poverty. In recognition of the organization’s efforts, local farmer Sipes nominated the organization for a grant from America’s Farmers Grow Communities.

These funds allow the group to enhance the food bank, strengthen their educational resources, help clients cultivate their economic skills and change lives forever.

To be able to go to work and help people overcome those issues that keep them trapped in poverty — whether it’s situational poverty or generational poverty — and know I’m making a difference in my community, it’s what I want to do every day.

Empowering Communities Everywhere

One person can make a difference. Thanks to farmers like Jimmy Sipes, Grow Communities is able to invest in individuals in need across the U.S. Since 2010, Grow Communities has awarded more than $29 million to nonprofit organizations’ efforts, from modernizing a fire department to increasing the reach of a food pantry.

Are you an American farmer? Is there an organization in your area that focuses on growing communities? Nominate the group today for the chance to receive a $2,500 nonprofit grant from America’s Farmers Grow Community.